History of the company

Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements was established in 1965. From the very beginning, research works over new technologies have been joined with designing of equipment and production lines, which enables direct implementation of research achievements in industry.

In the seventies and eighties, the Institute manufactured modern industrial robots licensed by ASEA. In that time we were also a national coordinator of projects related to robotization of industry. The long list of renowned studies and implementation of the Institute contains, among others: automation of sodium plant in Janikowo, automation of switch yard in Tarnowskie Góry, robotization of pressing line in FSM Tychy as well as preparation and construction of robotized welding line in FSO Warsaw. Moreover, the Institute prepared a system of modules and apparatuses for analogue electric automation INTELEKTRAN.

After 1989, the Institute was quickly restructured, thanks to which we were able to achieve strong position on the market. Thanks to interdisciplinary teams of specialists, we are capable of solving complex technological problems. This distinguishes PIAP among other companies operating in the branch of systems for measurement and industrial automation. We constantly trace demands of Polish economy and world trends. On that basis we commence research works in the scope of new technologies and equipment. At present, PIAP works focus on the following fields: robotization of stands and technological lines, automation of assembly, systems of transport between operational stands, systems for weighing and dosing, systems for visual inspection and mobile robots. Especially the two last fields are worth focusing on. As a result of many years of preparing visual systems, we offer possibility of touchless and precise measurement of details and assessment of completeness and correctness of assembly, as well as the quality of surface. As far as works over mobile robotics are concerned, they were a basis for preparation of anti-terrorist robots Inspector and Expert which are used mainly by special forces of the police, including particularly dangerous operations.

Quality of our designs is appreciated not only by customers, but also by scientific circles, which is confirmed by awarding scientific titles of professor to three people during their work in the Institute and receiving the degree of Ph.D. of technical science by a large number of specialists.

PIAP has received a lot of awards. The most important ones from the previous years include: Poland:Now Emblem (in the 12th edition of the competition), Polish Product of the Future, nomination to Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland and medals at International Poznań Fair or Innovation Fair in Brussels.

It is also very important for the Institute, not only for its prestige, but also finances, to participate in plenty of international research programmes. A significant field in the activity of PIAP is also supporting technology transfer. This is done by a monthly entitled Pomiary Automatyka Robotyka PAR (Measurement, Automation, Robotics), co-organizing of International Automation Fair AUTOMATICON and International conference AUTOMATION - Automation - novelties and perspectives.

Today we are satisfied that actions undertaken by several generations of professionals from PIAP have not been wasted, and by realizing our present activities we can see good perspectives for the forthcoming years.