IBIS Robot for Border Guard units in Poland

The Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP completed the delivery of three sets of IBIS mobile robot with accessories for Border Guards in Gdansk, Wrocław and Modlin.

The robots will serve to increase the security at the airports. After Warsaw, Poznan and Katowice – these are the next airports that will be equipped with the IBIS robots. PIAP robots (not only the IBIS’) serve at all Polish airports.

IBIS is a robot designed for pyrotechnics and reconnaisance. With additional equipment they can be used to neutralise dangerous cargo or for chemical identification and rescue operations. They have gained appreciation of the Border Guards due to the high load capacity of the manipulator (50 kg) and high speed of the platform (10 km/h).

The IBIS robots purchased currently by the Border Guard units have a number of additional devices that multiply their potential application and make the work of the officers significantly easier. The additional accessories are i.a.: portable X-ray machine holder, pyrotechnic launcher holder, exchangeable gripper jaws for moving large objects and a negotiating set.