The National Police HQ has received new PIAP GRYF® and TRM® robots.

Last week, the Industrial Institute for Automatics and Measurements (PIAP) delivered additional PIAP GRYF® robots (two units) and TRM® robots (three units) to the National Police HQ.

Współpraca robota PIAP Gryf z robotem Inspector (fot. PIAP)

The PIAP GRYF® robots will back up Police bomb squads in detection and neutralization of dangerous objects. Extra equipment supplied with the robots will enable the machines to communicate with X-ray detectors, explosive charge ejectors and rifles. Each robot comes with a package of accessories (a bank of tools) for automatic pickup by the robot for improvement of operational flexibility. The package includes a glass breaker, wire cutter and a blade for piercing tires.

The TRM® robots will be used for reconnaissance and listening in open terrain and in buildings during operations carried out in hardly accessible or dangerous environments.

Each TRM® robot, as delivered, is furnished with a device for initiating flash-bang and smoke grenades. The machine can be used by the Police for disorienting or distracting the opponent.

The day and night vision camera and the white and IR illuminators enable the TRM® robot to operate in various lighting conditions. The operator can control intensity of light emitted by the illuminators. Audio and video feeds from the operation can be stored on an internal SD card of up to 32 GB capacity. Up to three TRM® robots can be controlled from a single panel at the same time.