Tyre puncturing device awarded at the Taiwan Innotech Expo

R-TPD remotely controlled tyre puncturing device won a prize at the international trade fair. Yet another award for the inventions created by PIAP’s scientists and engineers.

Tyre puncturing device has been developed by the Industrial Institute for Automatics and Measurements (PIAP). R-TPD has been developed by a team of engineers and scientist at the PIAP Safety System Centre. The invention has been awarded a Bronze prize at the international Taiwan Innotech Expo 2018 held on 27-29 September. Exhibitors from 33 countries and over 40,000 visitors participated in the event. By awarding the team of PIAP designers and engineers, the jury has appreciated the innovativeness of the presented device.

R-TPD remotely controlled tyre puncturing device

R-TPD is an advanced tyre puncturing device for use by the services as an alternative to standard tyre puncturing spikes. The device is remotely controlled, and compared to the standard tyre puncturing spikes, it is safer and more effective to use. The basic concept was to provide a lightweight and safe alternative to the tyre puncturing spikes that could be deployed in the operational area using any vehicle, including unmanned vehicles (cars, robots or drones). The device was designed for use as a set of several to several dozen devices to provide an effective area of operation. A distinctive feature of the R-TPD is the ability to remotely and quickly deploy and activate/deactivate the device. It reduces the risk of tyre puncture to other road users.

Model scenario of R-TPD application
  • deploying deactivated devices without any hazard to other road users; the devices are deployed using any vehicle (including unmanned vehicles),
  • the devices are activated remotely by the operator as the intercepted vehicle approaches to the device,
  • the devices are deactivated remotely by the operator as the intercepted vehicle goes past the area of operation.