Another award for the ASBOP-PERKUN system

The ASBOP-PERKUN Autonomous Combat Air Defense System received the Silver Medal at the IPITEx exhibition in Bangkok.

The ASBOP-PERKUN Autonomous Combat Air Defense System, developed by Łukasiewicz-PIAP Institute in cooperation with TELESYSTEM-MESKO, won the Silver Medal at the International Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation and Technology Exposition IPITEx exhibition. The exhibition in Bangkok is organized by the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT), and the ASBOP-PERKUN system was presented as part of “Thailand Inventors’ Day 2020”. This is another award for ASBOP-PERKUN, which last year received the Platinum Medal at the International Warsaw Invention Show IWIS and the Bronze Medal of the Seoul International Invention Fair.

ASBOP-PERKUN is a technology demonstrator that premiered at the Kielce MSPO fair in early September 2019. The base of the ASBOP-PERKUN system is a self-propelled, six-wheeled mobile platform of IBIS robot. Thanks to individual-wheel drive the vehicle can easily move even on very difficult and diverse terrain. The robot may reach speeds  up to 10 kilometres per hour, and the suspension design guarantees optimal ground contact of all wheels, which results in high vehicle stability. The system combines high tactical mobility and the capability to react quickly to air-based threats, e.g. unmanned and manned aircraft, rockets or combat aircraft.