The AUTOMATICON Trade Fair has been postponed until January 2022

The organisers of the International Trade Fair for Automation and Measurement AUTOMATICON have decided to postpone the event until next year because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The next edition of the fair will be held on 26-28 January 2022 at the EXPO XXI Exhibition Centre.  

In accordance with prior arrangements, it will be the first event held in a new format, becoming a part of a project merging three events – AUTOMATICON Trade Fair, ELEKTROTECHNIKA Trade Fair and ŚWIATŁO Trade Fair. – We are following through with this idea. “We aim to create the most important trade event, introducing new products, machines, devices and technologies, as well as innovative solutions”, emphasizes  Jacek Frontczak, BEng, PhD, the organiser of the AUTOMATICON Trade Fair.  Merging the three events at the EXPO XXI Exhibition Centre will open the door to new possibilities for both the exhibitors and the visitors. The ongoing pandemic prevents the event from being held at the previously planned date and format, and the organisers – Łukasiewicz – PIAP and Agencja SOMA – decided to postpone the event until 2022 based on more optimistic expectations for the next year. – “An opportunity for an actual technical event for the industry is very important.  This year, due to the pandemic, we would not have been able to meet safely”, Jacek Frontczak. insists. The new date and extensive program of the AUTOMATICON Trade Fair that will be held on  26–28 January 2022 will include several thematic blocks to provide a comprehensive coverage of the current capabilities of the industry and directions of development related to, among others, automation and robotisation. “We want the forum, as valued and highly specialised trade event, to be a place for the entire innovative industrial sector to meet, as well as a business communication platform, and a forum for sharing the latest technical solutions, which plays a crucial role in the development of modern technologies in Polish enterprises”, says Jacek Frontczak. That is why the exhibition part will be accompanied by an extensive conference and seminar program, also available online. As always, the AUTOMATICON Gold Medal – a prestigious distinction in the automation, measurements and electronics industry – will also be awarded. Bonus features For the first time, an electronic registration system will be available to categorise the offers and support the marketing targets of our partners. The exhibitors can also count on attractive business packages and advantageous offers, due to the transferring of their participation to the next edition of the event. Łukasiewicz Research Network – Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP will ensure that entries in the trade fair catalogue and descriptions of new products from the exhibitors are available for the entire year at www.automaticon.pl. Moreover, next year’s edition of the forum will also be available online, using a specially developed platform, to fully render the exhibition nature of the event. AUTOMATICON will be held for the 26th time. The previous editions attracted almost 10,000 visitors from Poland and abroad, 500 companies from the industry and close to 300 exhibitors.