Profesor Janusz Kacprzyk

Gold Medal of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for Professor Janusz Kacprzyk

Professor Janusz Kacprzyk was awarded the W.I. Vernadsky Gold Medal, the highest distinction awarded by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.  The medal was presented by Professor Anatoly Zagorodny, President of the Academy, during his visit to Poland.

The W.I. Vernadsky Award was established in 2003. It is awarded annually for achievements in the field of natural, technical, socio-humanitarian and exact sciences. Professor Janusz Kacprzyk was awarded the medal for outstanding achievements in the fields of artificial intelligence, automation, decision-making theory and robotics.

Professor Janusz Kacprzyk is the editor-in-chief of the scientific quarterly JAMRIS at Łukasiewicz – PIAP and the chair of the programme committee of the AUTOMATION Scientific and Technical Conference. He participated in many projects implemented by the institute, including FORESIGHT ARP – “Foresight of priority innovative technologies for automation, robotics and measurement”. He is also a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) where he heads the Smart Systems Workshop at the Institute for System Research. The professor is an expert in the field of fuzzy logic and its application in databases, fuzzy methods of information representation and processing, decision support systems and neural networks. Among other things, he studies the use of computer science and AI in system modelling and control.