Environment mapping

Testing and modification of a new 3D scanning (environment mapping) head for mobile robots.


The goal of the project is to test innovative 3D scanning heads for mobile robots based on the invention of MANDALA.  The head is a 3D measuring (scanning) device based on the principle of additional rotation of the profiling laser. 

The tests are aimed to verify suitability of the head for field environment. Based on the results, the head will be modified as necessary to ensure that the solution is reliable.   Opportunities for improving accuracy of environment scanning will be checked by integrating the head with inertial measurement systems and additional sensors for adding new features (such as colour or temperature) to environment maps.  Tests will be performed at a field trial laboratory. 

The field tests will be performed on commercial mobile ground and aerial robots.  The deliverable of the project will consist of an innovative environment mapping solution. 

Project implementation timeframe: 01.07.2015–30.06.2018

Consortium budget: PLN 864,005

Subsidy: PLN 588,350 (including PLN 453,250 for PIAP)

Project type: National research project


  • Mr Będkowski Janusz Mandala – leader
  • Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP