Gazele Biznesu 2016 logotyp

‘Business Gazelle’ for PIAP

The Industrial Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP) has joined the club of the most dynamic Polish of companies according to the ranking compiled for the ‘The Pulse of Business magazine.

The ‘Business Gazelle’ is an award granted to recognize SMEs for very dynamic growth and for ability to challenge even much larger competitors The ranking is compiled by the Coface Poland business intelligence agency that verifies financial performance of targeted companies. The first round of the contest was held in 2000. This years, 17th, round had its grand finale at the Hilton Hotel in Warsaw on March 14, 2017. There, the winners were handed over ‘Business Gazelles’ for 2016.

The exclusive club of the ‘Business Gazelles’ of 2016 was joined by the Industrial Institute for Automatics and Measurements (PIAP) that noted a growth of sales of its mobile robots, achieved good results in the area of automation and robotisation of Polish companies and, simultaneously, successfully implemented a number of R&D projects in the recent years.

The ‘Business Gazelle’ contest of 2016 took account of business performance in years 2013, 2014 and 2015. During this period, net sales were required to fit within the PLN 3M-200M and the company had to note a growth in its net revenues, without any loss.