Stanisław Kaczanowski odbiera z rąk Tomasza Nowaka nagrodę Honorowego Tytana dla PIAP

Honorary ‘Titan’ for PIAP

The ‘Titan’ is a special award granted by KUKA, a manufacturer of robots. 

Uczestnicy Spotkania Integratorów i Partnerów KUKA 2017. Na zdjęciu dr. inż. Stanisław Kaczanowski, prof. PIAP
Pokaz robotów przemysłowych KUKA

The ‘Titan’ is a special award granted by KUKA, a manufacturer of robots. The status, looking and feeling like blocks of coal, were awarded in four contest categories: Debut, Innovation, Largest number of ordered robots and the Honorary ‘Titan’ for overall collaboration.

The Industrial Institute for Automatics and Measurements (PIAP) was the winner in the Honorary ‘Titan’ for overall collaboration category. Mr Tomasz Nowak, the Director of KUKA Poland handed over the award to Prof. Eng. Stanisław Kaczanowski, Sc.D., the Deputy Director of PIAP for R&D.

The awards were handed over during the Meeting of Integrators and Partners of KUKA held in Katowice on November 22, 2017. More than 150 guests attended the event. The meeting was accompanied by interesting speeches of market leaders and presentations of top-class industrial robots.  Finally, the hosts served a dessert: a huge dose of humour in the form of appearance of the ‘Young Gentlemen’s Cabaret’.

“ The meeting honoured the hitherto collaboration with partners and system integrators of the company and expressed hope for further mutually beneficial collaboration in 2018,” said Tomasz Nowak in the conclusion of the meeting.

Photograph by KUKA