ATENA project has started

PIAP has started development of an autonomous system for all-terrain ground platforms with target tracking function.

The Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP, an originator and an organizer of the ATENA project is currently developing a system for mobile ground platforms for autonomous tracking of a target, e.g. a vehicle or a person. The project will be completed by January 2021. The results will be demonstrated using two all-terrain vehicles with digital control and ATENA systems installed.

The research will allow to control of a transport platform supporting infantry units, form convoys and reduce the number of personnel required to transport equipment and vehicles. The system will be installed on different mobile platforms including vehicles, robots and quads. The platforms with ATENA system will be operating in any terrain without maps and navigation systems, using learning algorithms and machine vision. In future, due to its open design, ATENA system will be supplemented and expanded with new functions.

Project co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development as part of the research programme for national defence and security “Future technologies for defence – young scientists contest” The project’s budget is PLN 3,670,000.00.