Completed thermal performance improvement and energy performance increase

Energy-efficiency, improved work comfort and environmental protection are the effects of thermal performance improvements of the PIAP buildings. The improvements have been completed after three years with all goals reached.


The thermal performance of four buildings of the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP), including the industrial robot floor, mobile robot floor and main corridor leading to most of the PIAP buildings have been improved. The works also involved insulation and thermal performance improvement of the building foundations. The works have also been carried out outside the buildings, on the walls and roofs. Energy efficient windows and sealed exterior door were installed. The buildings were fitted with an advanced lightning protection system and a central heating system. New building façade was constructed.



The improvement works had significant ecological, economical and social results, including:

  • reduced carbon dioxide emission,
  • reduced other emissions (dust, nitrogen and sulphur oxides),
  • reduced energy consumption due to reduced heat loss and building heating costs,
  • reduced environmental impact due to reduced greenhouse gas emission,
  • improved PIAP team working conditions and comfort,
  • improved aesthetics with a new building façade.


Index Units Target value Reached value Percentage of completion (%)
Annual decrease in greenhouse gas emissions (CI 34) Mg CO2/year  257.00 262.39 102.10
Decrease in annual consumption of primary energy in public buildings (CI 32) kWh/year 1,399,750 1,429,165.65 102.10
Decrease in final energy consumption GJ/year 4,581.04 4,677.26 102.10
Thermal energy savings  GJ/year 4,581.04 4,677.26 102.10
Number of improved buildings  pcs. 4 4 100.00
Total floor space of improved buildings  m2 4,058.40 4,058.40 100.00
European Union subsidy

The improvements at the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP) cost 4.704 million PLN. The costs were partially covered by the PIAP and partially co-financed by the European.

Union as part of the Cohesion Fund – contract no. POIiŚ.01.03.01-00-0040/16 with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The EU subsidy was 3.358 million PLN. The project took three years to complete and all goals have been achieved.

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