TRM supports the Carabinieri Corps

From March, the Italian Carabinieri are supported by a Tactical Throwable Robot TRM by Łukasiewicz – PIAP Institute. The robot that can handle and fire a stun grenade was delivered with a remote control panel.

The TRM Tactical Throwable Robot has been handed over to the special unit of the Italian Carabinieri Corps. The Carabinieri has ordered a single TRM that can handle and fire a stun grenade and a remote control panel.

TRM in counter-terrorism

TRM can support counter-terrorism operations. The robot has been design to provide support in ground reconnaissance by special units before commencing operation.

TRM includes a tubular body with a camera, microphone, white and/or IR illuminators. The robot features two flexible rubber wheels on both sides. The device can be dropped from large heights or thrown into the building (or any location in the open area) from a significant distance, and remotely controlled to carry out covert observation. TRM can be fitted with flash bang charges to stun and disorient a group of assailants.

Unique TRM features

Unique TRM features:

  • silent drive,
  • smooth tool-free 360° camera adjustment,
  • compatible with different LED illuminators,
  • stun grenade launcher,
  • compact and lightweight control panel,
  • control panel-integrated digital recorder,
  • remote operation of several robots from a single control panel.

Watch a video featuring the TRM.

For more information on TRM and other Łukasiewicz – PIAP Institute mobile robots visit www.antyterroryzm.com.