Adam Andrzejuk appointed as Deputy Director of Defence Systems and Security

MSc Eng. Adam Andrzejuk was appointed as Deputy Director of Defence Systems and Security of Łukasiewicz-PIAP by the President of the Łukasiewicz Centre, Mr Piotr Dardziński.

Mr Andrzejuk was appointed for a five-year term. The new Deputy Director of Defence Systems and Security graduated from the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology in 1992. Mr Andrzejuk started to work for the Industrial Institute for Automatics and Measurements PIAP in 1993. Since 2005, he worked as a representative of the Director for Licensed Activities and managed the Institute’s operations in the area of manufacturing and trade in explosives, weapons, ammunition as well as devices and technologies designed for the army and police. In 2009, he became the manager of the Mobile Systems Centre.

Mr Andrzejuk is one of the initiators and constructors of the first Polish pyrotechnic robot named Inspector. As the project manager, centre manager and a member of the implementation team, he participated in developing many robotized mobile devices, including modern technical measures designed to fight terrorism. He was honoured with the Silver Medal of Merit for National Defence and the Silver Medal for Long Service.