Kryta strzelnica w Łukasiewicz PIAP

Indoor shooting range - a new service from Łukasiewicz - PIAP

One of the most modern indoor shooting ranges in Poland was established in Łukasiewicz – PIAP. The new laboratory facility can be used by uniformed services to conduct all kinds of tactical training, also with the use of mobile robots.

Kryta strzelnica w Łukasiewicz PIAP

Laboratory of Kinetic Processes (LPK) is a unit that carries out product research taking into account kinetic and ballistic characteristics. LPK carries out endurance tests and fatigue tests of parts, subassemblies, as well as entire devices, ensuring the highest safety standards. It also conducts research and development works in the field of designing and building mobile robots, their accessories and special-purpose equipment.

Examples of tests performed at LPK:

  • endurance tests of components and accessories with the use of firearms and disruptor systems,
  • the use of firearms, pneumatic and pyrotechnic devices on robotic platforms, as well as the preparation of procedures for their use,
  • the use of materials and development of device structures addressing the force dynamics designs.

The laboratory is equipped with a testing ground in the form of a fully-fledged shooting range that enables training with the use of mobile robots and firearms. A soundproofed control centre room separated by bulletproof walls enables constant monitoring, supervision, control and coordination. 

The shooting range has six firing lanes separated from each other and equipped with individual lighting. The target carriers may be individually or group controlled by means of tablets placed at the shooting booths. The possibility of firing at an angle up to 180°, mobile bullet traps and rotating walls allow for tactical training and dynamic shooting. Independent and smooth control of each object lighting lamp allows you to program any lighting effects, including stroboscopic ones.

For the safety of users, the walls and ceiling of the shooting hall are lined with anti-ricochet cladding, and the entrance is secured with bullet-proof doors. An effective ventilation system equipped with an air supply wall and bullet catchers ensures that the air in the shooting hall is filtered every 3 minutes and it is completely replaced every 6 minutes.  A technical opinion issued by the Military Institute of Armament Technology confirms that the facility ensures safe firing with the use of ammunition with the maximum initial kinetic energy of the projectile of 3600 J.

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