Łukasiewicz Research Network – Industrial Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP) has won many prestigious awards, including three “Teraz Polska” Badges of Quality, “Polish Product of the Future” award, the Prime Minister’s award for outstanding scientific and technical achievements, nomination to the Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland and dozens of medals at the international invention and new technology trade fairs.


Awards for Łukasiewicz – PIAP

Awards, diplomas, distinctions, medals and statuettes granted to the Łukasiewicz – PIAP 


Multifunctional service appliance intended for assembly and disassembly of surface-mount electronic components using SMT technology

Autonomous Biomass Transfer Technology for the protected wetlands

Automatic welding filter

Automated manufacturing of fuse elements

3D printer TITAN-I


Electro-heating system for concrete

New Generation Electro-Heating System for Concrete for Improved Working Conditions

EXOREHA Exoskeleton

FORIND – industrial 3D printers


EXPLORER device for inspections of hard to reach areas

Metal recovery using plasma

Technology for metal recovery from waste electrical and electronic equipment

Expert mobile robot

Anti-terrorism neutralizing and supporting robot SMR-100 Expert

PIAP GRYF® mobile robot

IBIS® mobile robot

IBIS® pyrotechnics and reconnaissance robot

INSPECTOR SR mobile robot

INSPECTOR SR inspection and intervention robot

Variable configuration mobile robot

Mobile Inspection Platform

Mobile Inspection Platform for hazardous areas


PIAPlife Respiratory Device

PIAP Patrol

PIAP PS-automatic

PIAP PS-automatic welder’s helmet

PIAP SCOUT® mobile robot


Variable configuration mobile robot

Mechatronic Support System for physical rehabilitation and recovery after a stroke or an orthopaedic procedure

RMF Extended Functionality Robot

RMI Mobile Intervention Robot

PIAP FENIX® mobile robot

ROBWELD – robotic cell for automatic welding of metal plates

Traction network diagnostics system SPDST

TC-XXX electronic tachograph for rail vehicles

TRM® Tactical Launched Robot

Robotic cell for plasma bevel cutting of metal sheets

Universal measuring module conforming to INDUSTRY 4.0 standards

PIAP MULTISTRIKER ® – multi-functional pyrotechnical device