CAN Monitor

CAN Monitor module is offered as an additional product for TC-XXXP series tachograph. It makes it possible to read data from the tachograph by PCs and tablets equipped with USB interface.

The CAN Monitor product was made in the section of systems and measuring devices (OUP-P) cooperating with TC-XXXP series railway tachograph. The module is used for communication with CAN bus of the tachograph via a PC or another device equipped with USB interface. Thanks to it, it is possible to e.g. read driving parameters of train directly on a PC and to use such data for control of other train systems. The module is equipped with LED diodes indicating the operation status. DB-9 joint is connected to the CAN bus, whereas to a computer – via the joint mini USB.

The module can be supplied from two sources: from the side of the CAN bus (pins 9 and 6) with voltage of 18-30 V DC and from the side of USB (the module is supplied from the USB interface (5 VDC) of the computer it is connected to. Both sources of supply can occur at the same time or there may be only the supply from USB or CAN bus.

The USB interface of the module was built on the basis of the FTDI production system and is detected as a virtual COM port. Controllers for different systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) and operating modes (VCP – virtual com port, or D2XX – Direct Drivers) are available on the following website:

The controller does not require setting a communication speed or data structure with the virtual COM port of the computer (USB interface). The communication speed in USB channel (virtual COM port) for the controller is automatically adapted to speed and structure of data set in the computer. The controller accepts work with speeds of the virtual COM port set in the computer up to 921600 b/s.