Construction of a laboratory to carry out research on positioning systems



Specific grant for a project related to scientific activities

for the purchase of scientific and research equipment

known as “Construction of a laboratory for the purpose of conducting research work on positioning systems”

Financing period: 2021–2023

Amount of subsidy: PLN 595,935

Total value: PLN 627 300

As part of the project, a new research facility will be constructed to carry out R&D work on positioning systems.

It is planned to purchase:

  1. GNSS reference receiver (GPS+GLONASS+GALILEO+BEIDOU), to determine the differential correction stream for all frequencies available to a civilian receiver.
  2. Hardware and software facilities including e.g. UWB, RFID and WiFi technologies, enabling research on indoor positioning systems, i.e. determination of position inside closed objects by mobile platforms, for monitoring of position and activity of people and supervision of the circulation of production materials.
  3. Special-purpose hardware platform – computing machines that enable efficient parallel processing and visualisation of GIS data.
  4. MathWorks Matlab software including a set of toolboxes – creating a programming environment supporting research and development of algorithms, as well as enabling numerical calculations by measuring systems.
  5. A hardware platform that implements Software Defined Radio along with additional equipment: microwave radio path accessories, measuring equipment and other minor materials.

Research works involving the use of equipment purchased under this grant will enable the Institute to acquire new expertise and broaden its competence, further strengthening its leading role in Poland in the field of mobile robotics, security systems, as well as the Institute’s important position as a supplier of highly advanced products and applications to the demanding domestic and international markets.