GALILEO signals vulnerability investigation and Roadmap for Galileo PRS service implementation in Poland

Contract number: 4000110321/14/NL/Cbi

Project budget: EUR 99,883  

Implementation timeframe: 01/03/2014 – 01/03/2016

Project purposes: 

The project will research the effect of interfering signals of various characteristics on quality of operation of the Galileo Open Service receivers using a specialized research station.

In addition to analysing random interference (coming from the existing telecom infrastructure), the project will check intentional disruptions caused by both affordable GNSS jammers (CW-type, chirp-type noise) and professional ones (emitting signals with structure identical to that of the PRN codes of the Galileo system.

Also, a roadmap will be prepared for implementation of the Galileo Public Regulated Service in Poland, enabling authorized users to access the coded Galileo service featuring better tolerance of disturbances.