Mobile platform for support of forensic investigations at sites with possible CBRN threats

Project purposes:

Designing of a mobile platform for examining event scenes with CBRN (chemical, biological, radiation or nuclear) threats to human health or life.  Assurance of safety of Police officers during recovery of forensic traces at crime scenes.

Based on the PIAP SCOUT robot manufactured by the Industrial Institute for Automatics and Measurements, a multi-sensor platform will be developed for detection of CBRN threats. It will be able to do forensic work (collection of traces and samples) where CBRN contamination prevents entry or where working would be dangerous. The system will have sensor for monitoring environmental conditions.

The platform will be able to move on various types of surfaces, such as elevations, rough ground, stairs, etc. The power supply will be based on replaceable rechargeable batteries sufficient for at least four hours of uninterrupted operation. All functions will be controlled remotely by radio or by cable. In addition, the system will have and independent high-resolution 3D camera. The system has to ensure capture of information from the robot’s sensors and from the cameras in real time.

Implementation timeframe: 28/12/201127/12/2014

Project value: PLN 4,998,465 

Amount of subsidy: PLN 4,998,465 

Project type: National research project

Coordinator: Warsaw University of Technology


  • Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police
  • Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP
  • Stanimex Sp.J.



Project financed by the National R&D Centre as part of contest 1/2011 for R&D work for national defence and security