Robotics in Rehabilitation

Program ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, contract number: 13310 0530, project budget: EUR 251,668.00

Implementation timeframe: 01/12/2013 – 30/11/2015

Coordinator: Technicka univerzita v Kosiciach, Slovakia

Project purposes: The main goal of the project is to develop a training system to enable efficient and reliable delivery of personalized knowledge, training contents and tools related to application of advanced motor rehabilitation robots and other devices to rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists and other health care professionals.

Expected project deliverables:

  • Innovative teaching system using e-learning, advanced simulation and other tools. The course content will be developed based on results of earlier projects completed by the partners.
  • Innovative solutions for delivery of knowledge, tailored to requirements of individual trainees.
  • Methodological guidelines and procedures for evaluation of skills, facilitating development of training contents, organization and delivery of training, use of e-learning tools and assurance of uniformity of evaluation of skills.

PIAP, as a member of the consortium, will be responsible for tasks performed in all project phases: management, solution development and implementation, assurance of quality, dissemination of project deliverables, application of project results, etc.
The deliverables of the project will be made available training organizations and re-used in future projects.
The dissemination of information about the project is planned to include publication of articles in local and international magazines and delivery of presentations at scientific conferences.

Project Web site:


  • Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP), Poland
  • Oddelenie fyziatrie, balneologie a liecebnej rehabilitacie, Slovakia
  • Trencianske Teplice Spa, Slovakia
  • Friedrich-Wilhelm-Bessel-Institute Research Company, Germany
  • Institute for Medical Technologies and Instruments, ITAM, Poland
  • Upper-Silesian Rehab Centre, SP ZOZ “REPTY”, Poland