SmartEx-Twin project

Smart exoskeleton for remote rehabilitation using digital twin technology

Smart Exoskeletonfor Remote Rehabilitation with the Digital Twin Technology

The main objective of the SmartEx-Twin project is to conduct research into the possibilities of improving quality, efficiency and accessibility of motor rehabilitation exercises using assistive mechatronic/robotic devices through the use of the latest advanced ICT solutions.

The project will develop and build, in the form of a technology demonstrator, a lightweight and portable lower limb rehabilitation device for people after strokes or with orthopaedic conditions.

The terms of use and remote online access will enable it to be used in a home environment. The use of VR technology and a virtual twin will allow exercises to be planned and supervised by a physiotherapist who will be physically distant from the patient. The reading during exercise, archiving and processing of biological signals such as EMG and EEG will enable the monitoring and evaluation of rehabilitation effects and the remote implementation of training modifications.

The demonstrator will be subjected to functional testing under laboratory conditions and will be presented to potential users and interested medical device manufacturers.

Project deadline: 01/07/2023 – 30/06/2025

Project budget: EUR 265,800 (including Łukasiewicz-PIAP EUR 155,100); the project is co-financed within the framework of the 5th Polish-Turkish Cooperation Competition

Project type: international research project

Project consortium:

  1. Łukasiewicz-PIAP (Poland),
  2. Elmiko Biosignals (Poland),
  3. Bartin University (Turkey),
  4. 3LS R&D Consulting Industry and Trade Inc. (Turkey)