The ‘SABUVIS’ Project

Shoal of biomimetic underwater vehicles for underwater reconnaissance (SABUVIS).

The goal of the ‘SABUVIS’ Project is to design and build heterogeneous autonomous biomimetic underwater vehicles equipped with sensor and communication devices required for execution of operating scenarios of underwater reconnaissance.

The work of the project focuses on development and elaboration of fish-tail drive technologies and autonomy of movement of biomimetic underwater vehicles. The project will develop a demonstrator of the 6th level of technology maturity in the form of a set of 3 heterogeneous autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles (AUUV) with biology-inspired fish-tail drives.

Expected results:

  • Demonstrators of the technology of autonomous biomimetic underwater vehicles
  • Ability to test and optimize various motor systems for AUUVs
  • Important technological leap in development of the AUUV technology
  • Validation during sea trials and further recommendations from end users
  • Augmentation of knowledge and experience of R&D organizations involved in the performance of relevant tasks
  • Improvement of innovativeness and competitiveness of Polish organizations involved in the performance of relevant tasks

Implementation timeframe: 28/05/2015 – November 2018

Project type: International research project of the European Defence Agency (EDA)

Project implementers:

  • Polish Naval Academy – leader
  • Bundeswehr Technical Centre for Ship and Naval Weapons, Maritime Technology and Research WTD71
  • Naval Research Centre, Portugal Naval School
  • Kraków University of Technology
  • FORKOS R&D Company
  • Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP