The ‘UGTV’ Project

Unmanned ground tactical vehicle (UGTV)

The ‘UGTV’ project was supposed to analyse missions and requirements for unmanned combat vehicles and review existing technologies in terms of their usability for performance of identified missions including reconnaissance, patrolling, mine clearance, engineering operations and transport missions including medical evacuation.

Project purposes:

  • Analysis of missions and user requirements for armoured vehicles used in each mission.
  • Evaluation of existing technologies of vehicles, their inner systems and equipment.
  • Definition and development of a detailed plan for building a demonstrator of an autonomous vehicle capable of carrying out missions: reconnaissance, patrol, rescue, engineering, mine clearance, transport of personnel and medical evacuation. 

Implementation timeframe: 08/2009 – 05/2010

Project budget: EUR 1,200,000  

Contract number: B-0068-GEM3-GC, Program of the European Defence Agency (EDA)

Project type: International research project

Coordinator: IVECO and OtoMelara, Italy