Thermal performance improvement of the buildings of the Industrial Institute for Automatics and Measurements (PIAP)

‘Thermal performance improvement of the buildings of the Industrial Institute for Automatics and Measurements (PIAP)’ project aimed to increase energy performance of four public buildings (3A, 4A, 5A and 5B link building) – PIAP head office and to reduce the emission of hazardous substances (CO2) by reducing the energy consumption.


The project was co-financed by the European Union as part of the Cohesion Fund – contract no. POIiŚ.01.03.01-00-0040/16 with the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and involved:

  • foundation insulation and waterproofing,
  • wall insulation,
  • roof insulation,
  • new lightning protection system,
  • new windows and exterior doors,
  • new central heating system (horizontal and vertical runs, heaters).

Project results:


  • reduced carbon dioxide emission,
  • reduced other emissions (dust, nitrogen and sulphur oxides),


  • reduced energy consumption and costs,


  • improved working conditions through improved thermal comfort of improved buildings (shop floors), 
  • improved building aesthetics (new façades).


Index Units Target value Reached value Percentage of completion (%)
Annual decrease in greenhouse gas emissions (CI 34) Mg CO2/year  257.00 262.39 102.10
Decrease in annual consumption of primary energy in public buildings (CI 32) kWh/year 1,399,750 1,429,165.65 102.10
Decrease in final energy consumption GJ/year 4,581.04 4,677.26 102.10
Thermal energy savings  GJ/year 4,581.04 4,677.26 102.10
Number of improved buildings  pcs. 4 4 100.00
Total floor space of improved buildings  m2 4,058.40 4,058.40 100.00

Contract no.: POIS.1.03.01-00-0040/16-00

Project implementation period: 1/03/2016 – 30/11/2018

Project value: PLN 4,704,604.22 including PLN 3,358,020.13 EU fund contribution.

The managing body has developed a simple tool for reporting non-conformities within the projects co-financed as part of the ‘Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme’.  To report a non-conformity, send us an email to: The mechanism allows to report irregularities anonymously.


Podpisanie umowy (fot. NFOŚ)
Podpisanie umowy (fot. NFOŚ)