Spawanie zrobotyzowane (fot. PIAP)

Programming KUKA robots

Participants will learn the theoretical basics of control and programming of industrial robots and practical skills required for independent programming of KUKA robots.

Spawanie zrobotyzowane (fot. PIAP)

Scope of training:

  1. KUKA robots – general:
    • robot types
    • basic parameters (load carrying capacity, working space)                               
    • applications
    • main differences between the control systems
  2. Operation with an industrial robot
    • manual operation, testing, automatic operation
  3. Coordinate systems
  4. Tool:
    • idea, declaration, definition         
  5. Programming:
    • logic instructions
    • positioning instructions
  6. Robot operation basics
  7. Robot movement capabilities
  8. Simple robot programs
  9. Programming robot trajectory
  10. Subprograms
  11. Restoring, verifying and improving programs for correct and safe trajectory
  12. Changing position and parameters in the positioning command
  13. Restoring robot operation post emergency

Trainings are held at the PIAP Training Centre by expert engineers with many years’ experience in design and implementation of robotic industrial stations with extensive know-how and skills required to maintain and operate industrial robots.  

Duration: 2 days

Training location: Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP, Al. Jerozolimskie 202, 02-486 Warsaw, possible on-site training.

Cost of participation: PLN 2,750 (net/person)

Price includes: training materials in printed version , stationery, lunch, coffee breaks, named certificate.

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