TRM robots assist officers in France and Israel

TRM Tactical Throwable Robots assist officers in more new countries – now joining the French and Israeli uniformed services.


COVID-19 pandemic did not slow down  Łukasiewicz – PIAP exports. Recently, the Institute supplied new TRM Tactical Throwable Robots in a version allowing the officers in Israel and France to handle and launch stun grenades. These are the countries that decided to make use of TRM capabilities – from March, the robot will also join the Italian Carabinieri – more information here.

Supporting the counter-terrorism efforts

TRM can support counter-terrorism operations. The robot has been design to provide support in ground reconnaissance by special units before commencing operation.

The robot includes a tubular body with a camera, a microphone, and white and/or IR illuminators. The robot features two flexible rubber wheels on both sides. The device can be dropped from large heights or thrown into a building (or any location in the open area) from a significant distance, and remotely controlled to carry out covert reconnaissance.

The Tactical Throwable Robot can also handle and launch stun charges to disrupt and cause panic in a group of assailants.

Unique TRM features

Tactical Throwable Robot has the following features:

  • silent drive,
  • smooth tool-free 360° camera FOV adjustment,
  • different LED illuminators,
  • stun grenade launcher,
  • compact and lightweight control panel,
  • control panel-integrated digital recorder.

Several robots can be operated using a single control panel.

More information on the Tactical Throwable Robot (TRM) are available at: https://www.antyterroryzm.com/portfolio-posts/trm/..

Watch our YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do49IjkW5ZQ.