CBRN accessories for mobile robots for CBRN operations

As a result of cooperation between our engineers and expert dealing with CBRN hazards, we have developed accessories to increase the capabilities of mobile robots for operation in the contaminated environment. The devices allow to remotely take samples for laboratory analysis and display contamination data directly on the auxiliary control panel of the mobile robot.

Akcesoria CBRN stacja pogodowa

The offer includes:

  • environmental swab – allows taking swabs from large surfaces to collect chemical and biological material for laboratory analyses. The kit includes dry and inert buffer-soaked sterile sponges.
  • surface probe – a device for taking soil, ice or sand samples with 300 cm3 volume for laboratory analysis. The kit includes three tips for sampling different surface types.
  • forensic tester kit – a device for taking liquid and loose samples with included swabs and penetrators.
  • SPME absorber – a device for collecting chemical particles for analysis in a gas chromatograph. The kit includes additional SPME fibres (e.g. for testing drugs and explosives).
  • R-Sensor (integrated EKO-C) – the first device from the range of detection accessories. Built-in EKO-C radiometer for alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray radiation measurements.
  • C-Sensor – a spectrometer for continuous and real-time detection of organic phosphorus compounds, necrosis-causing, poisonous and toxic industrial chemicals. 
  • R-Sensor (ZR-1) – a radiometric sensor  designed as a meter-detector  for use during incidents  that can cause additional exposure to ionizing radiation.
  • modular liquid sampler – a sampler for  taking and storing liquid samples by the mobile robot.
  • PIAP Bio-Vortex – a device for taking samples of biological contaminants in the ambient air and storing the samples in hydrated form.
  • weather station – a device installed on the mobile robot for metrological measurements within the operating area, i.e. wind power and direction, temperature, precipitation, pressure and humidity.
  • accessories control panel – for remote control of CBRN accessories fitted with radio modules and displaying values measured by the environmental sensors. The control panel is a rugged tablet device.

All devices can be modified to user requirements. We also offer training on operation, maintenance and usage tactics for every robot sold.