Special equipment

We offer support equipment for pyrotechnic, assault or engineering units. An example of PIAP’s special equipment is EXPLORER inspection device  – a camera on the telescopic extension arm. EXPLORER can be used to inspect difficult to access and hazardous areas.

For services responsible for safety and security, the device can be used to inspect vehicle chassis, ventilation shafts, inspection chambers and service corridors.

Multi-purpose PIAP’s MULTISTRIKER® pyrotechnic device can be used anywhere were high energy is required in a short time to achieve the required effect. The device uses a force generated by a piston driven by the energy from the combustion of gunpowder gases.

PIAP MULTISTRIKER® can be used individually on a stand or combined with PIAP’s mobile robots.

All devices can be modified and fitted with optional accessories to user requirements.

We also offer training on operation, maintenance and usage tactics for every device sold.