3D printing, scanning and design for industry

Incremental manufacturing, 3D scanning and design for industry. PIAP design as part of the PIAP offers a comprehensive design and production services for prototypes and finished products.

PIAP Design is a team of experienced engineers. In cooperation with the designers of industrial templates we offer to complete your orders on:

  • incremental manufacturing of components (3D print),
  • designing prototypes dedicated for target manufacturing technology (3D print, machining, injection moulding, founding),
  • 3D object scanning,
  • part quality control in relation to CAD model and reporting,
  • computer component simulation,
  • polymer print surface refinement,
  • product restyling or designing a brand new product,
  • expertise and consulting in the aspects of the incremental manufacturing technology.

Our designers use professional CAD software including Autodesk Inventor, PTC Creo, 3DS Max, Rhinoceros, ANSYS, MD Adams and MatLab. 3D incremental manufacturing devices, extensive CNC workshop and experience in finishing of the models guarantee the highest quality of manufactured parts.

Our team is fully committed and will competently complete even the most complex tasks.