PIAP Creative

Commercial engineering and R&D services

PIAP Creative is a service that combines a wide of range of opportunities offered by a team of engineers, scientists and researchers and the research and development department to realize new ideas and technological solutions. PIAP Creative is available to anyone with an idea or anyone who needs a technical solution which is not available on the market, as well as anyone who seeks to improve their products and extend their offer.

PIAP Creative is a process from the idea to the product including both comprehensive realization of all the intermediate stages as well as selection of those stages that are adapted to the client/partner needs. PIAP Creative offers:

  • need analysis, requirement definition, feasibility study or theoretical basis,
  • concept design,
  • assistance in obtaining financial aid for product development and project accounting,
  • prototyping (3D print) and testing,
  • detailed design with documentation,
  • common product design,
  • know-how transfer to the production and further development (licensing),
  • assistance in obtaining financial aid for product implementation.

Competencies within the PIAP creative services:

  • control systems,
  • design and development of user interface,
  • visual systems,
  • system and process automation,
  • proprietary measurement systems and sensors,
  • plasma technology,
  • device testing,
  • mechanics – design, manufacturing and simulations,
  • electronics – design and testing new systems,
  • software development,
  • product development management,
  • technical feasibility study and theoretical background.

PIAP Creative is a competent coordinator or partner in research and development projects financed by national and international sources.