Electromagnetic compatibility testing

The laboratory tests the devices, systems and plants for conformity with EMC Directive and harmonized European standards, both at the prototyping stage and for finished products ready to market.

Strength testing
  • electrostatic discharge (ESD) to PN-EN 61000-4-2,
  • electrical fast transient/burst immunity EFT/B to PN-EN 61000-4-4,
  • electrical high energy surge 1,2/50 µs (8/20 µs) to PN-EN 61000-4-5,
  • sinusoidal conducted disturbances induced by radio frequency fields 0.15÷80 MHz to PN-EN 61000-4-6,
  • magnetic field at mains frequency to PN-EN 61000-4-8,
  • pulse magnetic field to PN-EN 61000-4-9,
  • voltage dips, interruptions, and fluctuations to PN-EN 61000-4-11.
Testing and measuring interference emissions
  • measuring interference emissions conducted within 0.15– 30 MHz for power supply and interface circuits,
  • measuring emission radiated using near electromagnetic field probes (identification of the interference sources inside the devices and electromagnetic leaking of the device enclosures).

Laboratory also offers technical consulting within the scope of:

  • preparing the EMC test program and preparing the tested item,
  • identifying the reasons for inconformity with EMC requirements and methods to eliminate them,
  • increasing the resistance of devices and systems to electromagnetic interferences to a level acceptable by the user or EMC directive.

Competencies of the laboratory are based on many years’ experience of PIAP in EMC testing, dated from the late 80s.

Tested products

Components, devices and industrial automation systems and other electric and electronic products.