Books and monographs

For twenty years the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements focuses on the dissemination of science and in particular of the knowledge and experience of the Institute’s researchers. We publish books and monographs, including serials and conference proceedings. In the years 1997-2006 proceedings of the scientific-technical conference „AUTOMATION – Innovations and Future Perspectives” were published as a book.

T. Missala okładka monografii

Currently, the publishing works are carried out by PIAP’s Publishing House, which aims to popularise the scientific achievements and results of research and development works of PIAP’s employees. The Publishing House specialises in scientific texts, especially in the field of automation, robotics and measurements as well as new technologies. Up to now, more than 40 publications were released, mostly focused on the unique subject matter of the research works conducted in PIAP. They concern i.a: mobile robots autonomy, robotisation of construction industry, security of automation systems, modern systems for analogue-digital processing and many others. The published books also present the results of projects co-financed by the structural funds. Since 2009, the “Młodzi Innowacyjni (Young Innovative)” contest has been conducted at the Institute, followed by a collection of extensive summaries of the best doctoral, master’s and enginneer’s theses awarded or honoured in the “Innovative solutions in the field of automation, robotics and measurement” competition.

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