Areas of activity

Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP was established in 1965 as a national institute with a main purpose of developing and implementing new technologies, automation systems, production equipment and specialist instrumentation, control and automation in various branches of industry. Nearly 50 years of our close cooperation with the industry brought about a number of innovative products and key implementations.

<p class=”>PIAP Institute’s projects include: POLMATIK National Automation and Measurement System, automated production and assembly cells for FSM Tychy plant, automated and robotised production lines in a cathode ray tube plant in Piaseczno. PIAP Institute has recently developed and launched a production of mobile robots for use in counter-terrorism efforts.</p>
<p class=”>A continuous nature of our research and development efforts contributes to the highest quality of our solutions that can successfully compete with the products manufactured by renowned international companies.</p>
<p class=”>At present, our activities are focused in the following fields:</p>

  • automation and robotisation of production processes,
  • automation of in-process handling,
  • visual quality control systems,
  • special-purpose mobile robots,
  • industrial measurement systems,
  • specialized instrumentation, control and automation,
  • vehicle recycling,
  • implementation of international cooperation projects.

<p class=”>Our key advantages:</p>

  • high quality of our products and services verified by the quality system certified according to ISO standards,
  • expertise in integration of large systems incorporating components by different manufacturers,
  • implementation of complex tasks requiring non-standard solutions and participation of experts in different fields.

<p class=”>We also put special effort in disseminating and promoting science and technology. We organize:</p>

  • Annual Scientific and Technical Conference AUTOMATION “Automation – Innovations and Perspectives”,
  • International Trade Fair for Industrial Automation AUTOMATICON® (as a co-organizer),
  • “New theories and practices in automation and measurements” seminars.

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