Zrobotyzowane stanowisko ukosowania (fot. PIAP)

Robotic plate bevelling stations

Robotic plate bevelling systems allow to remove material at the edge of the workpiece, usually in thermal processes to obtain a required shape of the edge, in particular before welding of relatively thick workpieces.

To improve the process, PIAP has been developing this area of the manufacturing process and participating in the international projects for many years to determine new directions of development and access the latest know-how.

Robotic plate bevelling station is dedicated to the specific manufacturing requirements. Both the selection of robot and technology used are subject to thorough analysis and tests providing solutions perfectly tailored to the Client’s requirements.

The solutions are implemented using the components made by renown companies to guarantee reliability in the high-intensity manufacturing process. The operator safety is ensured by the safety devices to allow the operator to focus on the efficiency of the bevelling process.