Zrobotyzowane stanowisko ukosowania blach (fot. PIAP)


For bevelling (chamfering) parts made of metal plates dedicated are design, manufacturing, foundation and commissioning of the stations including an industrial robot, blowpipe (e.g. oxyacetylene or plasma), for the machining tables and dedicated control system.

In the welding processes for metal plates, a very important part is to prepare the material for welding.

The most common task is bevelling the components before joining. This task is not very popular with operators.

The solution that guarantee process repeatability and tracking a required trajectory is a participation in commissioning of a robotized bevelling station. Two popular techniques are available, oxygen blowpipe bevelling or very advanced plasma chamfering. The comprehensive solution allows the robotization to be used in the production technology of the companies for metal plate welding.

In both technologies, the stations are designed and completed to your requirements, meeting all relevant safety requirements.