Montaż zrobotyzowany (fot. iStock)

Robotic assembly stations

Robotic assembly can be adapted to a wide range of products to guarantee high efficiency and high repeatability of the production process.

Maintaining the highest process repeatability at improved efficiency has determined the high popularity of automatic assembly systems.

For assembly applications, PIAP offers assembly stations with handling units with different mechanical, form, vacuum or magnetic grippers or suitable process tools. 

The stations can be fitted with conveyors, turntables and devices including racks, feeders, positioning systems, handling units, welding machines, presses or assembly equipment from PIAP offer or any other leading manufacturer.  The stations also include dynamometers, torque meters and detectors of other relevant parameters.  

For correct assembly control, the vision systems are built-in the station or operate as standalone devices. 

Robotic PIAP handling systems in own systems for transport between operation stations at short distances to feed the details to the assembly, control, packaging, palletizing, wrapping and depalletizing stations. The robot requires a suitable grip and may move on the floor or overhead track. The robot can also be fitted with an automatic gripper changer when changing the manufactured product.