Sponsorship from PIAP: Advanced tools and technologies for production management

Robotisation, GRDP, SAP, lean management and implementation contracts will be the subjects of the ‘Advanced management tools and technologies’ conference to be held in Warsaw on Feb. 28. The event is sponsored by PIAP. Free admittance. Registration is required.

Competitive edge reflects potential of a company, its resources, skills and capabilities giving it advantage over other organisations operating in the same sector. So, it is good to stay watchful and be aware of opportunities offered by new technologies and robotisation. More on this will be said at the ‘Advanced management tools and technologies’ to be held on February 28, 2018. The Polish Institute for Business Development hosts the event. The Industrial Institute for Automatics and Measurements (PIAP) sponsors the conference.


Production robotisation systems

Robotics made itself at home for good in Polish manufacturing companies. Technical advancement is accompanied by conceptual progress in terms of application and functionality or robots in manufacturing systems. Cooperation and collaboration between robots is becoming an increasingly popular idea, particularly with respect to human safety. What this means, how to prepare for it, how to optimize production and how to improve profitability will be discussed by Mr. Łukasz Wojtczak, the Director’s Representative for Industrial Applications and the Manager of the Sales and Marketing Department of the Industrial Institute for Automatics and Measurements (PIAP), who will lead the inauguration lecture.


Industrial and manufacturing plants

The conference is addressed to representatives of industrial and manufacturing plants including specifically:

  • Managing directors and technical, purchasing, logistic and production directors and managers;
  • Heads of IT departments;
  • Managers and engineers responsible for operations, production and procurement;
  • Quality engineers.


Agenda and registration

The admittance to the conference is free but registration is required. See the Web site of the ‘Advanced tools and technologies for production management’ conference for information about agenda, registration form and other details.